20 Percent Dividends to NTMA Group Workers Compensation Participants

Are you a member of the NTMA Group Workers Compensation program?  If so, you’ll be pleased to hear about the latest report from your insurers.  If not, this may be one more reason that you should consider participating in the group insurance program.

NTMA Group Workers Compensation program (PMA Companies) declares a 20% dividend for policy period 2011 at first adjustment June 2013.   The calculated dividend for the group totaled $265,036 to be dispersed to NTMA GROUP members of record policy period 2011 with payment (50% of 1st ADJUSTMENT made to all policy holders) already made to policy holders.   Second and final adjustment for 2011 will occur June 2014.  

A total of $328,637 has been declared to members for the 2010 and 2011 policy periods. 

For more information on the NTMA Group Workers Compensation program, check out our website: http://pghntma.com/programs/insurance-programs/ then please call Mark Zukowski, Managing Broker at EHD 724-779-7200 or email at mmzukowski@ehd-ins.com.

It’s just one more benefit of membership in the Pittsburgh Chapter NTMA!

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