New Report Highlights Employment Opportunities in Manufacturing

Yesterday, The Allegheny Conference on Community Development released their Workforce Analysis Report focused on Energy Sector Jobs in Greater Pittsburgh.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Allegheny Conference, the organization, founded in 1944, is an economic and community development organization that partners private sector leadership and public sector commitment.  The Conference focuses on creating a more competitive business climate and marketing the Pittsburgh region.  More than 300 companies and organizations support the Conference with time, talent and resources.

The Workforce Analysis Report was conducted and reported by Pittsburgh-based, Development Dimensions International (DDI), a company recognized as a worldwide expert in talent management and occupational analysis.  Their task: to identify “Targeted Jobs”  in the 10-county region of Southwestern Pennsylvania and identify the critical knowledge, skills, and abilities required for success in those jobs.  According to the report, for the purposes of the study, Targeted Jobs were defined as those jobs meeting the following two criteria:

1. Employers in the region anticipate high-volume hiring from the present through 2020.

2. Employers have experienced and expect to continue experiencing difficulty finding applicants with the required skills from within the current available workforce.

Focusing on the 10 counties of Southwestern PA, researchers conducted an e-mail survey and found 14 jobs that meet the “Targeted Jobs” criteria– and no surprise- manufacturing jobs made the list, including: machinists, welders and engineers.  The study indicates that employers will need to fill 2,000 jobs in the 14 critical areas between now and 2020.

To read the full report, visit the Allegheny Conference website or read the executive summary here.



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